The Mental Test in Golf

What makes golf quite an interesting sport is that it does not only depend on one’s physical capacity in order to complete a golf round. Golfers are also compelled to deal with tough mental challenges in order to win. And unlike any other forms of sport, your mental capacity is an essential factor that will put you on top of the golf ladder. That is why if you want to make a career out of golfing, try to consider pondering on these things before you hit the greens.

Point #1. Disappointment is already part of the game. But the thing here is that the game of golf can teach you how to deal with disappointments as well as the other weak points in your life.

Point #2. The game is more than just winning or losing. You see, in each game, you end up being a winner or a looser. But regardless of where you’ll end up after each game, how you’ll get to the final hole and what the entire process made you, are the things that really matter.

Point #3. In the game of golf, enjoyment brings about enthusiasm. If along the course you stopped enjoying, chances are you will also end up losing the eagerness to succeed. The key here is just to enjoy each game and learn from everything that will happen or has already happened.

Point #4. Setting goals in golf will determine where you will be heading, not just in game, but eventually later in life. Your performances during golf games will also be based on the goals that you have set.

Point #5. Every accomplished goal deserves a reward. If you have achieved something that you have been working hard for, celebrate for it. It is nice to complement oneself from time to time. But if things go the other way around, check what went wrong and work it out the soonest time possible.









Exercises that Improve Golf Swings

The game of golf can be very demanding not just on the required skills but also with physical and mental fitness. This is what most of the golfers realize, that improving one’s health plays a major role in enhancing the power to swing the golf clubs. As a result, the golf fitness industry was introduced to the public.

If you have been into sports, you might be already familiar with cardio training, weight training, and stretching. But unlike any other forms of sports, the game of golf has their own set of training as far as physical fitness is concerned. Golfers don’t usually need to develop the rigid muscles but must possess the strong legs, shoulder and arms, core muscles, and a decent flexibility. If in any case a golfer does not develop any of the areas that were mentioned above, most likely they will end up having difficulties in getting the perfect swing.

Some of the effective golf exercises that will help you get through the tough ordeals of golf includes the following:

Flexibility Training

In golf, players must be able to work on their glutes, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, and hip muscles. This will help them develop bigger shoulder turns as well as maintain posture. A 30 to 45 minute body stretching is recommended especially for those who have limited flexibility.

Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, the usual heavy weight training at the gym is highly discouraged. There are other body weight exercises that are suitable for golfers. Just like doing the push-ups that can help you tone those forearms, shoulders, triceps, chest, and the upper back. For the legs, wall squats and some low impact jumping exercises with squats will do. Stance training exercises for martial arts are also applicable especially for those with bad ankles and knees.

Core Muscle Training

The core muscle training on the other hand are forms of exercises that enhances the muscle power of your abdominals, hip flexors, lower back, and obliques. Aside from the crunches, you can also try having the abdominal exercise where your feet are off the floor while legs are extended.



How to Have a Stress-Free Golf Game

Another thing that makes the game of golf quite unique from any other sports like soccer and basketball is that physical agility is not that much required. Golf players as well as experts believe that golf is more of the mental facets. The game is not just about being physically strong but more on focus as well as mental agility. Strength is necessary but not that crucial as compared to the other tough ball games.

Here are some guidelines on how to enjoy great golf rounds of a stress-free golf game:

First, clear your mind from anything that will bother you. As much as possible, set aside all issues and problems for a while and create happy thoughts as these will help you gain composure and a positive disposition while on play.

Second, be silent and maintain your focus. Before hitting the golf ball, make sure that your mind is only thinking about successfully landing the ball to where it is supposed to hit – the target hole.

Third, understand that the obstacles in the layout are all part of the game. Think of each as an opportunity to improve further your skills and become a better golfer in the long run and expect that there are more to come as you improve with your game.

Fourth, when in the game you end up getting undesirable shots, always remember that there are certain variables in the golf course that are completely beyond our control. Yes, you can control your swing but not the wind.

And lastly, always aim big. Aspire to hit the golf ball with the right angle, speed, and direction. The more you aim, the more you will get motivated. Of course, expecting too much is another story. It can drag you the other way around.

Golf is the kind of game that will surely test you mental capacity as a player. The professional golfers would even agree that in order to achieve an admirable performance in golf, you must focus a lot.

How to Deal With Trees in a Golf Game

A shot from behind a hazard or a tree is a common issue that a lot of golfers have to deal with. Your golfing skill is definitely not an assurance that you would no longer bump into behind the tree shots in all your golf games. In short, ending up in the trees or hazards is inevitable. Even the skilled golfers experience these things also. The very thing that you have to do in order not to compromise any of your games is to deal with the issue once and for all.

Here are some helpful tips on how to go about behind the tree shots:

  1. Select the right kind of golf club to use. Remember, each golf club has a specific function and can take your ball to a certain distance.
  2. Determine the distance of the ball towards the greens. This will also help you choose a suitable golf club.
  3. Consider the proper stance when making behind the tree shots. It is very important that you have a balanced body position when taking the shots.
  4. Always develop a positive attitude when playing. If other golfers would worry too much when their golf Ball goes out of bounds, think of a suitable technique on how to get you ball out from the trees. Instead of worrying, think of it as part of the challenge.

If in one of your games your ball got stuck behind the trees, just remember the tips that were mentioned above. You don’t need to be a skilled golfer to get the ball out of the trees. If you are capable of taking any other kinds of shots then there is no excuse that you can’t get the golf ball out from the trees.

How to Get Effective Sand Shots

Among the many other things that a golfer would want to avoid during a golf round is the sand bunker. However, it is not the sand that they are so worried about but rather how to get the golf ball out of the sand. But dealing with sand bunkers are typically the same when taking shots in almost any area of the golf course. You only need to know what kind of golf club to use and what kind of shot to take. That is why, for some golfers, it is better that the golf ball lands on the sand bunker than anywhere in the greens. And for those who knows how to use the sand bunker to their advantage can end the golf round with better scores.

When you want to get effective sand shots, start with the basics. Consider your stance, shoulders, hips, and the position of the golf ball. You also need to choose the right kind of golf club that you will be using. In taking the sand shots, the sand wedge is recommended. Here are some of the benefits when using the sand wedge:

  • The rounded sole of the sand wedge would allow the club to move smoothly through the sand rather than dig into it.
  • The sand wedge has the greater loft that can get your ball up as well as over the bunkers more readily as compared to the pitching wedge.
  • The sand wedge has the Toe to Heel design that would allow you to “splash” the golf ball all the way out of the bunker.

Another thing, when doing the sand shot, make sure that your wrist is firm before and after the impact. Allow the ball to follow the swing path that is in line with your body and the target point. The key here, just like any other kind of shots, is consistency. And the secret to consistency is a lot of practice and hard work. You can have effective sand shots when you keep on practicing it.

Golf Consistency

Consistency plays an important role in every golf game. Being consistent is an advantage but it is not that easy to achieve though. Most of the golfers often find it difficult to maintain a consistent play. Here are some of the guidelines that will help you get through the tough challenges of golf.

First Guideline: Do warm up exercises.

Golfers who find it difficult to handle the challenges of the golf course are most likely to experience bad golf rounds. That is because they have not conditioned their body before hitting the first tee. In order to keep up with the fair test of golf, you need to do the warm-ups like stretching, arm circling, toe-touching, and squatting with your golf club. A quick warm-up can loosen and relax those muscles. If your body is already fine-tuned, then you are now ready to have a smooth golf round.

Second Guideline: Be mentally and emotionally prepared.

The game of golf is more than just a physical test. In fact, it is more of a mental game. That is why it is very important that you also do mental exercises before playing. And in order to have focus as well as concentration in your game, do not bring or carry over your problems and concerns on the greens. If possible, free your mind from any distracting issues when on play.

Third Guideline: Have a pre-shot routine.

Before you start hitting the first tee in your golf round, take casual swings and some muscle exercises. This will make you feel relaxed. See to it that before you take the shot, your target is symmetrical to your clubface and that you need to approach the ball from behind.

Fourth Guideline: Practice a lot.

In golf, consistency is achieved when you devote time in practice. As much as possible, practice when you have the time. When you practice, it is not just your skills that are improved, but your confidence is also developed along the way.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Golf Round

For golfers, the shorter it would take them to finish the entire golf round, the better. Of course, who would want to spend the entire day hitting golf balls at the greens? Staying more than 6 hours on the golf course in order to complete the whole golf round would somehow play havoc on your time. If you want to make the most out of your golf round in just a short span of time, then here are simple suggestions that you can consider.

First, before heading the greens, make sure that you are already geared with the necessary golf equipments. See to it that the required golf clubs are complete and are already inside the golf bag.

Second, if you arrive in the course earlier than the required time, then take some time to hit the driving range for some putting or chipping exercises. You also need to be physically ready for the challenges in the golf course.

Third, during a golf game, avoid spending too much time looking for your golf ball. If your golf ball goes missing somewhere in the rough, do not spend more than three minutes just trying to locate it.

Fourth, do not over analyze your putts during the golf game. A few moments of looking at the slope as well as to line up the ball towards the hole must not take that long.

And lastly, to speed up a little with your pace, come to the golf course with a sound mind and body. That is, you have to be physically and mentally ready to take the golf round.

These are just some of the common things that each golfer must remember in order to make an exciting golf round. Remember, an enjoyable 18-hole round of golfing must not last for more than 4 hours. The quicker each round ends, the more challenging it will be for the golfers.

Relaxing Techniques that will improve Your Golf Game

It has been said that the game of golf is all about physical and mental test. That is why you need to feel relaxed before you hit the greens and take the challenging round. Being relaxed would help you get that focus as well as the needed concentration. By using a specific golf relaxation technique that suits you can help you improve with your golfing. The secret here is that you need to develop a healthy mind set before each game.

If there is one thing that can ruin your golf game, that would be tension. Aside from the skills and your patience, you have to deal with tension the positive way. You see if you are tensed, your muscles are tightened, and it would be very difficult to perform a suitable golf swing when you have the tensed muscles. And one of the best ways on how to deal with tension is to take a relaxing mind exercise.

One of the most common golf relaxation techniques is with the use of your imagination. Most of the golfers often get tensed especially when crowds of prying eyes are all over the course. The best thing to do here is try to imagine that you are alone and that you are playing golf in a serene place where you can already hear the bird tweeting or the ocean waves. Just try to incorporate these imaging and visualizations method into your golf game and see performance improve on each round.

Another method that you can consider is the visualization technique. Try to see yourself as being victorious in the game. In your mind, watch the ball’s plight to where you intended it to fall. Do this before taking your next shot. This will make you feel more calm and collected.

And the last method on how to deal with tension effectively is by talking with your fellow players in between your shots. A good conversation that has nothing to do with golf will calm your mind leaving no room for worrying about the next shot.

There are still plenty of golf relaxing techniques out there. The important thing here is you are using the one that suits you. It does not necessarily mean that if a certain technique works for the other golfer, it can also work towards your advantage. You have your own unique traits, and that is one thing that you need to consider.

Golfing on a Rainy Day

Among the inevitable contributing factors in golf is the weather. You can start your game during a sunny day and end up finishing the round with rain pouring all over the place. If there is one thing that would fit the best description of the weather these days, it would be “unpredictable”. But if you are prepared for the worst, then there is no need to worry.

Here are some things that must go with you when you hit the golf course:

  1. Make sure to take along some water proof golf clothing. As much as possible, it must be lightweight and breathable. It is also advisable that you secure a pair of water proof shoes to protect your feet from cold and from getting wet. If preferred, you can also bring along a spare glove and a rain hat.
  2. Always secure a golf umbrella even if it is not raining. Bear in mind that you also need to protect yourself as well as your golf equipments from too much exposure with the heat of the sun. During a rainy game, it is also important to keep your equipments dry.
  3. Try to adapt to the conditions when playing golf. Playing when there is rain is totally different from any normal golf conditions in the course. If you do not want that your game to be affected then make efforts on how to get the feel of the game when it is raining. The best way to do this is to practice when it is raining. But with the signs of thunder and lightning, stop right away.
  4. Stay positive as much as possible. The game of golf, regardless of the weather, if played with a positive outlook will surely be a lot of fun.

Playing golf during a rainy day would depend on your own preferences. If you are not comfortable with the wet grounds, then try another day when the weather is fine. The important thing in playing golf is that you are enjoying every moment when you are in the course.

Helpful Tips on How to Become Better in Golf

Golf is just like any other kind of sports. You need to enhance your skills from time to time to become better. There is no such thing as a perfect golfer but a better golfer. Each golf round is different from the other and so there is a need to keep practicing until you get the right feel, not of the golf layout, but with your swings, grips, and stances.

Here are some of the simple things that you have to look out for when you hit the greens:

Tip #1: Always remember to keep your balance all throughout the entire golf round. This aspect is very crucial especially when executing your swings. One way to do this is to let your weight rest in the middle while your knees are slightly bent.

Tip #2: In order to make a short putt, see to it that that you keep the putter always in line with the golf hole. To master this area, get used to practicing 1 foot putts. For the long putts, stand taller so that you get a clear view of the hole.

Tip #3: If in case you own the 420 or 460 new drivers; tee your ball higher in order for you to get it during the upswing.

Tip #4: Always bear in mind not to swing your golf club with 100 percent power as this can affect your balance.

Tip#5: Keep your golf grips clean at all times. The way you hold on to the golf club can already give you an idea on how you will go about your swing.

Tip #6: When playing during the winter season, try to have a firm putt to make it to the hole.

Tip #7:  When the golf ball lands on an unbalanced spot in the course, make sure that you are not hitting too hard. This will add up to an already off balance position.

Tip #8: When hitting the greens, try to relax as much as possible. This will be your key in getting your desired result at the end of every round.