How to Get Effective Sand Shots

Among the many other things that a golfer would want to avoid during a golf round is the sand bunker. However, it is not the sand that they are so worried about but rather how to get the golf ball out of the sand. But dealing with sand bunkers are typically the same when taking shots in almost any area of the golf course. You only need to know what kind of golf club to use and what kind of shot to take. That is why, for some golfers, it is better that the golf ball lands on the sand bunker than anywhere in the greens. And for those who knows how to use the sand bunker to their advantage can end the golf round with better scores.

When you want to get effective sand shots, start with the basics. Consider your stance, shoulders, hips, and the position of the golf ball. You also need to choose the right kind of golf club that you will be using. In taking the sand shots, the sand wedge is recommended. Here are some of the benefits when using the sand wedge:

  • The rounded sole of the sand wedge would allow the club to move smoothly through the sand rather than dig into it.
  • The sand wedge has the greater loft that can get your ball up as well as over the bunkers more readily as compared to the pitching wedge.
  • The sand wedge has the Toe to Heel design that would allow you to “splash” the golf ball all the way out of the bunker.

Another thing, when doing the sand shot, make sure that your wrist is firm before and after the impact. Allow the ball to follow the swing path that is in line with your body and the target point. The key here, just like any other kind of shots, is consistency. And the secret to consistency is a lot of practice and hard work. You can have effective sand shots when you keep on practicing it.


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