Exercises that Improve Golf Swings

The game of golf can be very demanding not just on the required skills but also with physical and mental fitness. This is what most of the golfers realize, that improving one’s health plays a major role in enhancing the power to swing the golf clubs. As a result, the golf fitness industry was introduced to the public.

If you have been into sports, you might be already familiar with cardio training, weight training, and stretching. But unlike any other forms of sports, the game of golf has their own set of training as far as physical fitness is concerned. Golfers don’t usually need to develop the rigid muscles but must possess the strong legs, shoulder and arms, core muscles, and a decent flexibility. If in any case a golfer does not develop any of the areas that were mentioned above, most likely they will end up having difficulties in getting the perfect swing.

Some of the effective golf exercises that will help you get through the tough ordeals of golf includes the following:

Flexibility Training

In golf, players must be able to work on their glutes, hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, and hip muscles. This will help them develop bigger shoulder turns as well as maintain posture. A 30 to 45 minute body stretching is recommended especially for those who have limited flexibility.

Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, the usual heavy weight training at the gym is highly discouraged. There are other body weight exercises that are suitable for golfers. Just like doing the push-ups that can help you tone those forearms, shoulders, triceps, chest, and the upper back. For the legs, wall squats and some low impact jumping exercises with squats will do. Stance training exercises for martial arts are also applicable especially for those with bad ankles and knees.

Core Muscle Training

The core muscle training on the other hand are forms of exercises that enhances the muscle power of your abdominals, hip flexors, lower back, and obliques. Aside from the crunches, you can also try having the abdominal exercise where your feet are off the floor while legs are extended.




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