Pinehurst #5

Opened in 1961, the Pinehurst #5 was designed by the son of Donald Ross’s right hand man who served him for 40 years. Ellis Maples definitely embodies the skills of the master as he created this golf vacation destination in the veins of classic architectural standards with nature as the main furnish. Water features display as eye catching design as well as hazard in this area where green is next to pretty. It is an obvious demonstration of modern classic golf design.

The par-3 on its 15th hole, famously known as Cathedral Hole, defines fame into this specific course, among all the others in Pinehurst Resort. The variety of uphill and downhill play is interchangeable with a left-to-right and right-to-left play and long or shot par-4s. The 18-holes never let down a golf trip enthusiasts with its overall playful condition. The Pinehurst #5 area complements with the general majestic feel of the resort, with towering pines nestling the community at Sandhills of North Caroline.

Aside from golf experience, Pinehurst #5 also invites guests into the world of friendly neighborhood, sophisticated accommodations, relaxing spa and other recreational activities that are perfect for family outings and corporate strategic planning events. There are also world-renowned spa treatments and a tennis course for option. As golfers stay-in the vicinity, more golf vacation packages await and are partnered by a taste of tradition and an easy opportunity on other well-celebrated golf courses. To completely determine the honor, U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open Championships in 2014 is eyeing to hold the tournaments here. 


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