Pinehurst #4

Lying next to the classical gem that is the Pinehurst #2 is another of Donald Ross’ originally designed golf trip course, the Pinehurst #4. While it was built in 1919, Robert Trent Jones operated a face lift on this course, during the 80’s, as he tweaked the layout to make a modern classic. But since the course had become too ragged on the edges, the Pinehurst Company called Tom Fazio to refashion some of the parts. In effect, this spectacular golf course has turned into a collection of the fundamental architecture of Ross, the edgy style of Jones, and the machinate approach of Fazio. This golf course reopened in 2000 as it welcomed back old fans and new advocates.

With the new layout, a set of features followed to heighten the challenge. There are now over 140 British pot bunkers among the stupefying 188 bunkers , and a lake that serves as both scenic sweet and water hazard. Love grasses and other native grasses adorn the area and distinguish Pinehurst #4 from the rest of the golf vacation courses. The holes are packed tight even if it does not spread as much. But with larger greens, the hogbacks are more visible and give an intriguing shape to the area.

Among the attractive characteristics of Pinehurst #4, the 510-yard 13th hole is the most risk-taking. It begins with an elevated tee box and concludes with a tight landing spot framed by a bunker on the right and a lake on the left. The holes steer around to a slanted green protected in the middle of the lake and the bunkers. The order brings a golfer into the risky decision of having the nerve to hit a shot. A kind of atmosphere that can only be found in this golf vacation destination.


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