Pinehurst #6

In 1895, George Fazio, and his nephew Tom, designed the Pinehurst #6 to provide a contrast in topography with the other famous courses in Pinehurst Resort, especially the notable Pinehurst #2. Their intention was to create a dramatic site with various elevation changes and, by that, forming a unique golf course. With more rough terrain wreathed by woods and other dense vegetation, this golf vacation destination is also spectacled with water features that give more challenge to a play. While the back nine here is considered the most risky endeavor among the line of Pinehurt’s courses, it is expectantly the most sought after. Guests never fail to visit this course for that reason.

Because of the large number of guests, more establishments have installed shops here, which provided convenience for both business owners and golf enthusiasts. In fact, Pinehurst #6 is the perfect go-to for a golf vacation because it is where the largest Medial Facilities are significantly near the playing field. For easy accommodations, the Northern edge of Pinehurst, NC is where the Homes reside. The Sandhills Largest Hospital, Doctor’s Offices, Attorney Offices, Health Club and Banks are also a walk away. Down the road, there are National Big Band Retail Outlets including the Staples, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

Now at the south of Pinehurst #6, particularly on 15/501, guests can find the more appealing and reliable stores. For one, there is the famous ‘Olmsted Village’ which is a new shopping and business office area. Another is the Lowe’s Food Store and the Eckerds Drug Store that allow guest to purchase needs without having to go through all the hassle. More restaurants and shops follow on this line. Truly, this golf trip location is made to satisfy every golfer’s needs.


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