Pinehurst #3

From the short 1st and the challenging 2nd, this 5,682 yards of Pinehurst #3 follows as it provides a valuable short game with never its distance a factor. The layout shows a typical Donald Ross architecture with more rolling greens than the courses before it. There are also more tricks, but none of those unnecessary turns, in this straightforward topography. Players who commonly bring the ball less than 200 yards would love this course. The scenic view serves as a backdrop to a clear nine-iron shot, which makes a golf trip here certainly perfect. The sight is also a great opportunity to shoot that memorable photo.

With recent renovations by Ben Crenshaw, the Pinehurst #3 has been installed with Penn G-2 bent greens allowing for additional risks and challenges into a putting’s accuracy and score. The unique character of this golf vacation destination is precisely the effect that Crenshaw planned it to be. Such impression also makes this course attractive to players all around the world. Clearly, people have continued to understand the quality of this course since the 1970’s,

As part of the Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst #3 caters for the Donald Ross golf vacation package. The package offers rewarding rounds of golf, cozy accommodations and delectable dining with a wide range of delicacies to choose from. The place also tenders for seasonal events such as Easter, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Memorial Weekend, Summer Tee, and many more with specific activities for a family and group of friends to enjoy. The place allows guests to stay-in in order to maximize the different amenities around this titillating and spectacular view, that is why fun is a always assured here.


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