Pinehurst #2

Pinehurst #2 of the Pinehurst Resort is known for its extended topography and robustious routing with several water features that put any player of various caliber to the test. But aside from the challenge, this golf vacation destination is more famous for its fusion of competitive conditions and fun-filled atmosphere, making it one of the most sought after holes in all of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Thousands have cried with the thrill and amusement in this course and they include some of the most highly regarded golf stars.

One unique golf vacation characteristic any player would experience in this course is that it is never too easy to lose a ball during a round. The classical layout makes ultimate playability, but the monster par-4 with double-crowned green angled to the right, defines Pinehurst #2 as one of the toughest part of the entire resort. This course is not easy, and that aspect draws golfers to love it more. That is why it became a site for U.S. Open Championships in 1999 and 2005.

The rippling layout present in Pinehurst #2 is complimented with a strategic placement of bunkers that surely sets both long and short games. Golf enthusiasts will be able to play golf the way it should be played, at this golf trip location, for Donald Ross designed this to offer “the fairest test of championship golf.” Being the top 10 golf course in the country, calling this destination awesome is ultimately an understatement. Adding the significant aesthetic renovations by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw transforms this course into an unbearably appealing view.  


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