Pinehurst #1

Pinehurst #1 is the first hole in the Pinehurst Resort that is designed by the renowned golf architect, Donald Ross. The continuing holes in the golf vacation destination are crafts of other famous designers namely Dr. Leroy Culver and John Dunn Tucker. While the rest of the holes install more drama into the resort, the first hole surely sets the mood up. The layout of 6,093-yard par 70 may seem elementary, but it is where strategies are mostly put to the test. Any golfer knows that short games can become sloppy and may define for a long day. This first hole surely pushes forth motivation which is truly a Donald Ross signature golf atmosphere.

Before having a chance to swing at Pinehurst #1, Pinehurst Resort allows players to stay-in for a golf vacation. The grand Carolina welcomes vacationers into a stately spirit with its large columns framing since 1901. Inside the resort, the accommodations rub a comfortable, elegant and classy ambiance into any guest. The boutique called Holly showcases more of a history with some materials formerly used by presidents. This is the place to look for a successful mixture of Southern hospitality and charm with the details on the place a blend of contemporary indulgence and an air of timelessness.

Also available at the Pinehurst #1 Resort is the Manor which is a sportsman-style lodge where any player can have a more relaxing treat. There are also golf trip villas and condominiums that are spacious enough to cater for a large group like families or company team parties. To paint a satisfactory finish to the golf trip experience are a shuttle service and a crowd of staff that would sincerely assure a one-of-a-kind stay.


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