Rhodes Ranch Golf Club

With a rare blend of challenge and playability, the Rhodes Ranch Golf Club has steadfastly rose into fame as more and more golf enthusiasts come to visit this destination at the base of Spring Mountains. As a leader golf vacation destination, Rhodes continues to become the top spot in Las Vegas Valley since it was initially opened in 1997. This Ted Robinson designed golf course is located near the desert. Strategically, it is also standing a couple of minutes away from the well-celebrated Las Vegas strip.

The famous architect of this course detailed an assembly of par threes into the 6,909 yards of layout that envelopes a luscious tropical surround. Robinson admits that Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is one of his best designs as he intentionally molded world-class golf architectural theories on the landscape. The line of ambitious water features, different elevations and well-sculpted rolling fairways lead the way to the magnificent view of the city and mountain vistas. The 162 acre fairways provide for most of the golf vacation experience with an atmosphere suitable for both competitive and fun-loving people.

Aside from just golf trip, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club also offers the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired clubhouse where golf enthusiasts can hold weddings and other parties. The place exhibits an amazing view of the imperial Spring Mountains which is a perfect spot for photo opportunities. The clubhouse also offers an impression of interesting amenities including indoor and outdoor patio seating and intricate decorations. With the efficient and hospitable staff, an experience at Rhodes will always be as elegant as can be imagined. 


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