Ocean City Golf Club – Newport Bay

Since its creation in 1959, the Ocean City Golf Club – Newport Bay has maintained to be the leading golf vacation destination in Ocean City, Maryland. Now with new renovations re-built on the Newport Bay Course, the place has improved even more with 18 holes and more water features like marshes and bay vistas. With the magnificent landscape, it is only a matter of time before Ocean City Golf Club becomes tagged as the most beautiful golf course in the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Ocean City Golf Club – Newport Bay provides an atmosphere that is appealing to guests who want a feel for both competitiveness and comfort. The position of the water hazards, fairways and bunkers and the tumbling greens inspire any player to make the most of tactics and strategies. A golf trip is never the same when it is taken to the Newport because not only does it gives a magnificent view, the community also offers other interesting recreational activities and amenities.

The clubhouse at Ocean City Golf Club – Newport Bay exhibits a versatile golf vacation package with wide range of facilities to meet any golf enthusiast’s needs. Business meetings, rotary clubs, conferences, social gatherings and theme parties can be held in one of the rooms for an affordable rate. The location also opens for wedding reception and rehearsal dinner as it can cater up to 250 guests. The dance floor at the center and the fireplace on the side tender for both social and intimate meetings. And this place has the most hospitable customer service staff there is which makes it more attractive to all guests.


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