The National

The National at the Reynolds Plantation, Georgia is known to be a Tom Fazio masterpiece with its 27-hole long and narrow plays emerging through a forest of eminent pines and colorful dogwoods that frames the actual golf course. Designed in 1997, this golf vacation destination shows magnificent elevations, exciting views and many holes that touch the skirting Lake of Oconee. In fact, “amazing” is an understatement to call this sight.

The impenetrable forest of hardwoods and pines gives a dramatic atmosphere to the topography. Hundreds of bunkers, several holes enclosed along the shores and large ruffling greens give players of The National less room to stumble upon errors. Using the natural splendor of the land mixed with expert golf architectural management skills, Fazio created this golf trip location to challenge all types of players. That is the reason why it landed at the 100 Must-Play Courses of Georgia as rated by GolfStyles Magazine in 2007. The course also made it as America’s Best Resort Courses at the GolfWeek Magazine in 2006.

With an impressive designer and hospitable Reynold Plantation community, it is no surprise why The National remained as a sought after place in Georgia. Reynold folks consistently continue to have the patience and earnestness to maintain the area. To maximize a golf vacation experience, Reynold even extends offers of forecaddies that attend to players in carts by providing hole descriptions and target lines, finding golf balls, giving yardage, preserving the course, taking care of the flagstick, and contenting green reads. 


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