Gulf Hills Golf Club

Carrying a dramatic history for over 72 years, the Gulf Hills Golf Club has been an important part for the Mississippi Golf Coast community. For one, during its earlier days, this golf vacation destination has hosted several movie stars, gangsters and members of the “upper crust”, like Elvis Presley, at its former clubhouse “The Pinky Pony”. In the 50’s and 60’s, the course has made it as a first rate location. At the time, its fame rose to an unparalleled level that tee times there were even auctioned off to a highest bidder. It was only in 1998 when the Gulf Coast residents fought for the destination, restoring it back to its original brilliance.

Now, the Gulf Hills Golf Club continues to appeal to all golf players around the world with its magnificent tumbling hills that rolls through the resplendent residential area. Here, the fastidiously sculpted velvet greens lay as perfect match with the resounding gentle breeze. With sunshine an average of 300 days, this golf trip location is only filled with lavish sight of fairways and manicured greens and none of those alarming hard winters. Couples statistically adore this destination for its carpet of roses that blooms all year round.

Give it to architect Jack Daray who designed this one-of-a-kind 18-hole course that is perfect for a golf vacation in the South. Because of the satisfaction any player gets when experiencing golf here, Golf Digest ranked the Gulf Hills Golf Club‘s 17th hole as the top 5 most beautiful and challenging golf course for the entire Southeastern Region.


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