Victoria Hills Golf Club

Labeled as the “Top 10 You Can Play in the United States”, the Victoria Hills Golf Club located in East of Orlando in DeLand, Florida is one of the most sought after golf trips in the world. Golf enthusiasts and amateurs go to this location to experience a combination of friendly and competitive golf tournament. The Victoria Hills Golf Club Academy hands out personalized instructions given by PGA Instructors like renowned Kerry Bower-Herr, the Director of Instruction at Victoria Hills Golf Club.

Preparing for a tournament is always classy with Victoria Hills Golf Club‘s sophisticated and innovative facilities. Part of the golf vacation package for training are several instructional equipments partnered with incomparable workshop methods. And they all come to suit the learning needs of every player. The three chipping greens and sizable putting greens allow players to take a golf shot from any direction of the golf course. Water features like lakes adorn the magnificent view and also stimulate tactical skills. The area is obviously made to capture the best strategy from every golf enthusiast.

Aside from on the field training, this golf course is also known for its creative Ron Garl golf architecture. On the Victoria Hills Golf Club is a challenge-driving par 72 championship course that is enclosed with thick oak hammocks and Augusta pines sculpted flawlessly from the tumbling sand hills. And if the scenery doesn’t add up just yet, there is the Mulligan’s Tavern & Grill, an award winning restaurant to keep any golf vacation event worth every penny.


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