Plantation Preserve Golf Club

Recognized by the City of Plantation for its Environmental Excellence, the Plantation Preserve Golf Club has also accomplished the brand as a”Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” from the Audubon International program. More than just famous for golf vacations, this golf course also sparked a new level of excitement in the heart of Broward County. 

Now, the City of Plantation has developed from its reputation as simply filled with warm hospitality and premier residential spots to a golf vacation destination with first-class facilities. Plantation Preserve Golf Club hosts a 211-acre nature portions with 7,000 yards playing for a par 72 championship golf course. The 29 acres everglades-inspired wetlands receive the wind from the 6,600 square foot club house and 55-acre line-like park terrain. The design is made to challenge both professional and amateurs alike with every hole featuring 5 teeing grounds granting players to put a strategy base on their own level of difficulty.

Created by famous golf trip architect Von Hagge, Smelek & Baril, Plantation Preserve Golf Club is designed with various runs for any golf enthusiasts to relish. A celebrated 9th hole island green is the signature play as well as the daring 14th hole split fairway and huge 15th and 17th greens. Golf carts are installed with a GPS system for a state of the art journey around the impressive putting greens and fairway bunkers during practices before perfecting that ambitious shot. And to add more uniqueness, this place also prides for being the only golf club in the area that showcases a Sea Dwarf Paspalum grass playing field sculpted throughout the course.


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