Halifax Plantation Golf Club

There is quality about old trees that seem to lock a place in time. These old trees magically transform the landscape surrounding it – transferring a lot of its old world charm into the rest of its surroundings. This is exactly the case of the Halifax Plantation Golf Club in Daytona, Florida. The golf vacation destination transports its guests into an entirely different world even when the major thoroughfares are but minutes away.

The Halifax Plantation Golf Club is a Bill Amick creation, measuring more than 7,100 yards from the longest tees, par 72. The old oaks and towering pines surround the property, dotting the layout here and there. It is as if they stand sentinel, guarding the guests and their games from anything bad that could ruin the good life here. And good life it is. The other neighboring courses could boast of highfalutin difficulties, but this golf course just will not. Reason why this is a favorite for golf vacations is because they get every inch of a vacation they want. No qualms. No worries. No pretenses. The place is too relaxing, charming, and undoubtedly beautiful that difficulties would seem awkward.

And since every inch of the Halifax Plantation Golf Club is all about giving the best golf trips, the goodness of this course does not stop with the layout alone. The whole golf club boasts of world-class amenities to complete the package for an unforgettable golf escapade hereabouts – from the chipping greens to the clubhouse to the Pro-shop. In its entirety, the whole course has the ability to lock anyone in a time and space where nothing else matters but good golfing.


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