Cypress Head Golf Club

A great artist is never happier than having the finest materials to give birth to the works of his creation. This must have been how Arthur Hills exactly felt when he was given a magnificent piece of land in Port Orange, Florida, just a little outside Daytona. The ‘piece of land’ was transformed into one of today’s most celebrated Floridan golf vacation destination, and is in fact considered the best in its locality: the Cypress Head Golf Club.

The twist in the story comes when Hills was asked to work with another architect, Mike Dasher, to complete the Cypress Head Golf Club. Now, in situations such as this, more often than not, the differences of the two course designers are the most prevalent picture. But not on this one. The collaboration proved to be anything but divided. Their collaboration worked well enough to create a most fascinating golf course that makes use of whatever nature has given Florida best. The golf vacation favorite stuns with natural wetlands, thick forests and exciting topography. It is further enhanced by its impeccably manicured, medium sized greens and rather generous fairways that keep the challenge fair but firm.

But what brings the best challenges in the Cypress Head Golf Club are the water features. Since this course is a natural wetland, water is pretty much a staple. And by staple, it means water plays on all of its holes save four. All these attributes contributed to the success of this course’s being named as among Golf Digest’s Places to Play and a favorite for locals and guests alike. Now, with a course like this, no one could be any happier on a golf trip here than an enthused golfer.


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