Desert Springs Golf Club – Palm Course

It is simply a matter of human logic to understand the idea that celebrities deserve celebrity treatment. And as for their personal choices, these altas in the social ladder would choose something to match their superstar ultra-famous statuses. It does not come as surprising, really, why the Desert Springs Golf Club in Palm Springs, CA is one top golf vacation choice for Hollywood people and other celebs. It is but a drive away from downtown LA, but is a whole other world away from the hustles and bustles of high-class city living. One of the reasons people come to the Desert Springs is the Palm Course.

The original of the two courses on the resort, the Palm Course is every inch a Ted Robinson creation. Every. Inch. And Ted Robinson’s name and design concept has almost always been synonymous to difficult bunkering and many, many, many, many waterscapes. And that is not exaggerating anything. That is just about as many water features as there are on this golf vacation destination. On this particular one, some large, stunning lakes play on nine of the eighteen holes, playing majorly on the last four holes to seal a very unforgettable ending to each round.

Rolling fairways, verdant and well-maintained greens, and the best views of the Palm Springs mountainscape complete the golf vacation package at the Palm Course. That is on top of the excellent services and other amenities that are part of the overall resort package. Simply said, everything about this getaway paradise is just as stellar and as celebrated as its high-class patrons themselves.


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