Rancho Las Palmas Golf and Country Club

Sometimes, things just are too good to be true. One cannot simply imagine the possibility and reality of something good, nice, and excellent. It’s as if the really, really good and perfect things can only exist in books and in some other people’s really wild imaginations. When magazines and brochures talk about the Rancho Las Palmas Golf and Country Club, one would easily assume that this is all the result of hyped up advertising. For those who took the risk and went on a golf trip hereabouts, enlightenment was granted in full.

The Rancho Las Palmas Golf and Country Club is beautiful and excellent beyond words. Though three are many others topping it, when this golf vacation destination says it is good and fun and memorable, it sure was not lying. The Ted Robinson design has been wowing golfers left and right with its honest to goodness Palm Springs golf experience. Its three nines, North, South and West courses all share the same features of gently rolling terrain, abundant palm trees in many varieties lining the fairways, and the sweeping and unmatched views of the snowcapped Jacinto Mountain. Surprisingly, though these short-courses have pretty much the same features, the character is totally different. There is a distinct flavor to each nine that when played with another will be a different experience altogether.

All three nines also share six lakes, and have their own helping of the notorious Ted Robinson style of bunkering. Nothing too daunting about this golf vacation favorite; just notorious, infamous. But just as everything in Palm Springs are good and wonderful, the Rancho Las Palmas Golf and Country Club is good and very wonderful. This is the best proof that something real can be something beautiful as well.



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