Desert Springs – Valley Course

The “King of Waterscapes”prides a breathtaking kingdom of golf vacation destination in Palm Springs, California. Braced against a majestic view of the Santa RoseMountains, the Desert Springs – Valley Course, designed by renowned golf course architect Ted Robinson, offers a tee-shot kind of experience with its 18-holes championship course that extends a professional tournament environment even to amateurs. The area is carpeted with a fresh rolling green stretch and embossed with palm trees and other native vegetation.

A journey round about the course means hopping on one of its innovative golf carts. With the creative industrial design installed on each high tech computing system golf carts, golf enthusiasts can drive through the 18-hole course with ease just like a proud modern day royalty. The carts in Desert Springs – Valley Course are all installed with a user-friendly interface that shows a graphic layout of the entire golf trip specially on each of the holes. The system set up computes the precise yards to the pin and assists the player in monitoring the area of the play. To add up to the feature, the computer offers strategic tips on addressing a play on a hole taking the advice from the professionals.

By the end of the game, a player is assured with the satisfaction of finishing up quickly each playtime, learning how to get the right scores and having a momentous time riding the cart while playing around the course. And if those features aren’t enough, Desert Springs – Valley Course‘s golf vacation package also includes lunch and snacks at Sand Trap & Wedge all awaiting after the 18th hole.



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