La Quinta Golf Resort – Mountain Course

In any competition, anything new always has a tendency to be hyped up. Things may not always be as good as they appear or pretend to be, but because of all the attention it gets, everyone is scrambling up to see what it is. In the long run, under too much scrutiny, the tiny imperfections will give it away. And only the truly excellent shall remain. Such was the case of the Mountain Course of the La Quinta Golf Resort. After many years, it went through the many stages of hype and attention, but it has remained in the top. This is one golf vacation destination that is able to justify its accolades – words are not needed.

Playing a single round at the Mountain Course will answer questions why this is among the Top 100 Courses in America. Out of the tens of thousands of courses in the US, with several thousands in the state of California alone, it emerged as amongst the 100 best. Thanks to the beauty nature has endowed this part of the planet, the golf vacation favorite enjoys what it enjoys today. Thanks, too, to the genius that is Pete Dye, every inch of the beautiful Santa Rosa mountains that it utilized was made to full use, bringing out its perfection.

And golf trips are laid out to perfection as well. Games here consist of playing through well-shaped bunkers carved out in the desert mountain, perfectly manicured greens, and the most unusual and natural rock formations. And it does not end there. The beautiful scenery surrounding the Mountain Course is yet a different story. Together they make more than 6,700 yards of golf heaven. No hype. No exaggeration. This is golf at its finest, and only a game here can justify that.


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