La Quinta Golf Resort – Dunes Course

Looking at California and everything in it makes one believe that the sun has cast some sort of spell to it. Be it on the beach, on the mountains, or in the desert, everything under the California sun looks good. It could be that, or it could just be that this is one gorgeous place – every inch of it. But while the mystery remains as to what sort of magic binds California in a stunning spell, at the Dunes Course of the La Quinta Resort near Palm Springs, there’s no mystery. There was no magic, only pure genius. And it was that of Pete Dye that created one of the finest golf vacation destinations in California, creating another wonderland from the natural beauty that is California.

The Dunes Course is an 18-hole, par 72 golf vacation spectacle that is part of the 36-hole golf resort of La Quinta. It bears a Scottish-links style layout and takes its players up and down the sandy paradise. The scenery surrounding it are extremely stunning, its layout very, very enjoyable. Laid in comparison to its more difficult sibling, this course is much easier and more forgiving. Bad shots are not too punishing and create an easy recovery, although forced carries are almost a necessity at every hole. But that should not make golfers assume that they can take the course lightly.

While it is deemed a less difficult course, the 17th hole of the Dunes Course is ranked among the 18 most difficult holes in America. Now, that gives this rather playable course a rather daunting twist. There is nothing mysterious or mystical about this golf trip favorite. There is only pure beauty and excellence that is befitting that of California.


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