PGA West – TPC Stadium Course

It would be too hard for any golfer to resist playing the TPC Stadium Course. Apart from a very beautiful reputation, the golf course is able to live up to it. Famous for both vacations and top tournaments, this golf vacation destination brings Pete Dye’s name to the Best of all Times list over and over and over.

The TPC Stadium Course is located in La Quinta, California, and is only one of the five championship courses on the facility. But this is deemed the best. Always has been, always will. The golf course boasts of multiple inclusions in many Top 100 in the US and Top 100 in the World lists by countless big names in golf publication. And who would not want to put it among the best? The island par 3s are nothing like anything the world has seen; the bunkers are almost monstrous at the least, and the undulations are never predictable. This course is so tough it went on to becoming one of America’s 50 Toughest Courses, and the scariest for pros. It was so scary that after the first Bob Hope Chrysler Classic was played here, many pro golfers signed a petition requesting for the tournaments to not be played here. But that should not stop anybody from taking golf trips here.

And it did not. The TPC Stadium Course has long continued to become a classic favorite for tournaments – a favorite for both the players and even more so the spectators. Why, this Scottish-style layout would not be called the ‘Stadium’ for nothing! So whether on a golf vacation here as a player or a spectator or both, there’s no reason to resist coming over. Neither is there the will power to do it.


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