Highlands Reserve Golf Club

Highlands Reserve Golf Club is perhaps one of the most aptly-named golf courses in Orlando or anywhere else. No pretensions, no assumptions, no hiding in poetic cloaks – pure, honest and exact. The golf course is in fact seated atop one of Florida’s highest points – on the edge of a long sand shelf, looking very much like a giant sand hill, called the Green Swamp Ridge. The beauty about this golf vacation destination, though,goes more than its very appropriate name. It is in fact one of the most beautiful, challenging, and unique golf courses on this side of the Sunshine State.

 Mike Dasher designed this course that opened in 1998. And it was since then that this course has been creating the most fantastic golf vacations for Orlando visitors. The Highlands Reserve Golf Club, because it is in an elevated area, offers a variation of undulation so unlike many others among Orlando golf courses. And the sand bunkers, it being in a gigantic sand hill, are just about everywhere, pretty much after every hole. Interesting? Yes. Unique? Definitely, and without a doubt. A true golf vacation favorite? Hands down, yes!

Because of this, Golf Digest has ranked the Highlands Reserve Golf Club amongst its Places to Play list, with a 3-star rating to match. Apart from fun and one-of-a-kind, golf outings here are even made more special and fun for all with its 3 sets of tees ranging from 6,673 the longest, and 5, 062 the shortest, playing for a par of 72. Not only is this course well-named, it is also best suited for every golfer looking for that golf trip unlike any other.


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