Forest Lake Golf Club of Ocoee

How likely is it for one to find a golf vacation destination in the Orlando area devoid of housing, created with such fine and clever design techniques? So fine that in fact, even having a turnpike right smack in the middle of it did not make it any less better. The odds are low, but definitely not an impossibility. Just a little outside of Orlando, a golf course holding a 4-star rating from Golf Digest’s Places to Play and holding just as much heart, has been the best-kept secret of Orlando golfers: the Forest Lake Golf Club of Ocoee.

This Clifton, Ezell, Clifton design is known for giving great value for golfers’ money. It is never mainstream expensive but always high class quality in looks and in plays. The Forest Lake Golf Club of Ocoee has been mapped out particularly well. It has the right amount of sand bunkers, water and other hazards and the holes are placed strategically, where the turnpike is visible but not a distraction. And with no homes in sight, and the only thing there is that’s considered a development is the highway, it would be easy to ignore everything else and focus on the game. How is that for total golf vacation experience?

The Forest Lake Golf Club of Ocoee delights its guests with its 5 sets of tees, the longest yardage measuring a whooping 7,113 yards and the shortest measures just a little over 5,000 yards. Now, that said, how likely is it that every visitor finds a golf trip here their most unforgettable? They most probably would.


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