Disney’s Osprey Ridge Course

Disney’s Osprey Ridge Course could easily be the setting of any of the Disney classics. It would not be hard to imagine Aurora or Cinderella running the course, barefoot, with Prince Charming tailing behind. The only Tom Fazio-design in the Disney golf courses in Orlando (and the only one not designed by Joe Lee) also brings together a very feminine feel. Not that it is shorter or easier to suit the lady golfers. The female touch of this golf vacation destination comes in the curves of the course, and its natural sense of caring and preservation – for nature that is.

Bordered mostly by forests of pines, cypresses, palmettos, and bay trees, Disney’s Osprey Ridge Course boasts of its well-preserved wetlands that serve as sanctuary for many wild birds. And this effort to preserve and maintain them at their natural state has been recognized with a Certification from the International Audubon Society as a Sanctuary – that is among the less than a thousand certifications from all courses around the world. And they offer really great golfing too. At 7,101 yards, par 72, with four sets of tees to choose from, this golf vacation favorite features nine holes on water, dramatically elevated greens and tees, and some 70 beautiful bunkers.

Those features are almost synonymous to saying this is one pretty course. But just as tough. Disney’s Osprey Ridge Course brings to life a femme fatale of a golf trip haven – as beautiful and dangerous and outright memorable. Not much of a Cinderella then, but more likely a Mulan. Either way, it is just as magical. This is Disney after all, how can it not be?


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