Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course

There is nothing too unlovable about anything that bears the name Disney. Especially not if it is in Orlando and part of the magical fantasy-come-true paradise of the Disneyworld. But this is not all about the glittery world of Disney fairy tales that only children and children-at-heart love. Golfers actually find their own paradise here at any of the five championship golf courses. Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course, lovingly called “The Mag”, is listed as the longest in yardage and is also known as among the most beautiful. This golf vacation destination at its finest, fairest.

Its name is a giveaway. Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course is dotted with over 1,500 magnolia trees that add as much beauty and challenge to the course. Apart from the elevated tees, greens, and rolling terrain, one of the highlights of the course is a Mickey Mouse-shaped sand bunker on the 6th hole. Seeing the iconic Mickey Mouse shape on the course is enough a reason to believe there is something so magical about this course. No amount of magic, though, could give anyone a great scorecard. It takes shot accuracy and working techniques to conquer the Mag’s 11 water holes and 97 bunkers – including the Mickey Mouse one. The Joe Lee-designed golf favorite measures a lengthy 7,488 yards, par 72. But golf vacations are not the only things magical here.

Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course is a PGA Tour staple, being the host of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic. All that features have merited this course a four star rating from the prestigious Golf Digest’s Places to Play. And because this is Disney, not only are golf trips here award-winning and naturally beautiful; they are magical.


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