Disney’s Palm Golf Club

There is nothing short of fabulous or amazing or beautiful when it comes to Disney. Everything about it falls under one or all of those adjectives; sometimes even more. Especially if it comes with the word Disney and Orlando, nothing could go wrong or ugly. Kids know that…and adults too! More so if they are golf loving adults who have had their shot at playing any of the five golf courses in the Disney World Resort, they will surely know how Disney spells fun and goodness. The Palm Golf Club is one perfect example. This is that one place that golfers would craft one golf vacation plan after another. It is seriously that awesome once is never enough.

Disney’s Palm Golf Club is one of the three Joe-Lee designs in the facility. It does not register as the longest one, but it sure has something to say in yardage – measuring a good 6,957 yards from the longest tees, par 72. What is most notable in this course is the harmonious blending of beauty and challenge perfectly woven into the natural Florida surroundings. There was little and controlled interference into the indigenous flora and fauna thus they grow abundantly in the property. In fact, alligators, deer, and native species of birds are a rather welcome sight to guests. That and its game-savvy features of tree-lined fairways, elevated tees, 9 water holes and over 90 sand bunkers all come together to create a wonderful potpourri of fun, challenge, and beauty all in one golf vacation destination.

Not surprisingly, Disney’s Palm Golf Club is on the list of the Top 75 in the United States; topping Florida’s list is a feat, let alone the country’s. But then again, this is Disney. It cannot NOT be fabulous or good. Everything Disney cannot be bad, even golf trips.


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