Riviera Cancun Golf Course

A gift from nature, a canvas for Jack Nicklaus, a golf vacation destination made for the royalty. These are three definitions that could pretty much sum up what the Riviera Cancun Golf Course.

Cancun, in itself, is beautiful. It is easily a playground for the Divinity. Adding Jack Nicklaus to the picture escalates Cancun to an entirely new level – it takes the genius of one man to take this piece of heaven closer to man, to the golf-loving man that is. The Riviera Cancun Golf Course is a perfect example of how a man-made structure is made so beautiful by using what nature has endowed it with. This golf trip haven takes golfers through a myriad of experiences – bursting in attitude in color, and that is on the visuals yet! The holes are spread through and around mangroves, palm trees, and laden with strategic bunkers, lovely little golden bridges, and perfectly manicured greens. With all that plus views of the nearby ocean, it would be quite easy to assume Nicklaus made this course so beautiful to distract the golfers from game.

But no. The Riviera Cancun Golf is as biting as it is stunning. From the longest tees, it measures a little more than 7000 yards, par 72. The things that make it beautiful – the trees, the shapely bunkers, and even the pristine water features – are the exact same things that will make the game a little more exciting. There is as much depth in these visual stunners so as to bring the real-deal ‘golf’ in golf vacations. The contemporary Mexican structure that is the clubhouse will take care of the latter part. It comes full circle, with nature, designer and golfer altogether enjoying this hand-me-down from heaven.


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