Golf Club at Playacar

The Mayan jungles have had its share of glorious past, standing witness to the rich history that was one of the most celebrated ancient civilization. Many parts of it is no more, but some were, thankfully salvaged. Others, well, they transformed into different but equally glorious versions in today’s modern world. Some of it have become part of the Golf Club at Playacar, one of Mexican Caribbean’s most beautiful, most famous, and most loved golf vacation destinations.

It sits on one of the most picturesque sites in the area. The Golf Club at Playacar features a stark but beautiful contrast in the lushness of the tropical foliage and the glimmers of white sand embracing the deep sapphire blue ocean. And all that under the golden cast of the sun, blanketed by the azure skies. It would be quite hard to find anything more breathtaking a scenery than that. But the course’s many merits do not stop there. Its world-class designer, Robert Von Hagge, made sure there was a course layout to match this. Measuring close to 7,200 yards from the longest tees, par 72, Von Hagge used every element found in the area to be part of the diverse collection of hazards for this course. And this was then known in the entire Playa del Carmen as the most challenging course in the area – creating a perfect irony for the greatest of golf vacations, challenging and most enjoyable.

And the magnificence does not end there. The Clubhouse at the Golf Club at Playacar is built to resemble ancient Mayan infrastructure, with its banquet area covered in traditional palapa. A golf trip here is not only a delight to the golfer’s senses, but a visit into the glory that was ancient Mayan civilization.


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