Grand Coral Golf Riviera Maya

Some of the greatest things man has seen are hardly ever the work of one man alone. They are made with the effort, passion, and genius of a group of people. They work tirelessly to achieve excellence in every aspect. In golf course design, “every aspect” encompasses scenery, difficulty and playability. In today’s standards, it now involves the ecological soundness of the course – being able to achieve excellence in golf without jeopardizing the existing ecology in its area. One perfect example is the Grand Coral Golf Riviera Maya in Mexico. This golf vacation destination is out to prove that more heads are indeed better than one.

Although it is famed as a Nick Price creation, the champion player was just the name behind an entire team. Whilst he took care of the golf qualities, the Grupo Grand Coral Developer took care of the environmental issues. The Grand Coral Golf Riviera Maya, as a result, is a golf vacation haven that not only is beautiful but is beautiful enough that adjusts to and highlights the many many splendid natural beauty of the area. Being sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful town of Playa del Carmen makes beauty a bountiful supply hereabouts. And the design team played with it, making sure that nature was kept as untouched as possible.

The Grand Coral Golf Riviera Maya is all seven thousand plus plus yards of golf that is a hit not only among golfers but among the flora and fauna that thrive abundantly in this well-preserved environment. Golf trips here prove that more heads are not only better than one; it also proves that the more the merrier, humans and wildlife included. The course is located just thirty minutes from the Cancun International Airport.


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