Catalonia Caribe Golf Club

This is one place where patience is the key to the entrance. Patience, not so much for it being annoyingly bad. No, on the contrary. But golfers need to be a little more gracious and open to waiting until it reveals its true beauty. The Catalonia Caribe Golf Club is very much like a fresh bud – one must be able to endure opening it up petal by petal before it reveals a most beautiful, fragrant blossom. From the rather plain entrance, things could only get better. And golf vacations here will follow suit.

The Alberto Sola design is one of those golf vacation destinations in the Dominican Republic that do not sit along the coral shorelines of the island nation. That might make the Catalonia Caribe Golf Club seem a little less appealing that all the other bigger, more famous courses in the area. But to those who dared and discovered what it has under its folds were not the least bit disappointed. From a fairly flat layout, the 18-hole course proceeds into mounded and hilly greens, giving an interesting variety of flavors to the course.

And the course, being a true Caribbean delight, is dotted with palm trees of all sizes. They dominate the tree-scene on the course, with some being right smack in the middle of the fairways. So much for being mere adornments for aesthetics, these trees make a statement as something golfers would have to think about. Patience reaps a bounty of rewards, and that is very much true for golf trips at the Catalonia Caribe Golf Club. When patience is required at the entrance, rewards are at the exit.


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