El Camaleon Golf Course

It does not exactly change its colors, that would be freaky. But this golf vacation destination was named after the chameleon for itsmore obvious and less scary feature: dynamic and diverse. The El Camaleon Golf Course would feel like playing many different courses on the same course at the same time.

The El Camaleon Golf Course is a cornucopia of different natural features. Golfers would be treated to the play along or through mangroves, tropical jungles and the golden shorelines of the Caribbean Sea surrounding the area. Its designer, Greg Norman worked on this course according to his design philosophy of creating the least intervention on nature in coming up with a tournament quality course. And this was achieved all too neatly. It wasn’t too hard, though. He didn’t do much on making it beautiful, it is beautiful in itself. What, with scenic, natural subterranean rivers that have been preserved well and acting as natural hazards, and the beautiful Carribean Sea making a lasting impression, there really is nothing more that any designer could do to make it more beautiful. What Norman had to do was bring a high-caliber golf course. It would be such an understatement to say that this goal was achieved. As a matter of fact, this chameleon changes faces from being a golf vacation haven into a top tournament facility.

And by top, it means the PGA Tour-quality kind of top. The El Camaleon Golf Course is the first golf course outside of the US and Canada to have hosted a PGA Tour, and it will keep on doing so in the coming years annually. Guests on golf trips here would effortlessly transition from being mere golfers to ‘happy golfers’, and there’s no going back from there!


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