Casa de Campo – Dye Fore

“To die for” pretty much sums up how golfers feel about the Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic. Everything about the golf vacation destination ranges between beautiful and magnificent, and not one detail was left unattended. While it may be known for the classic Pete Dye creation, Teeth of the Dog, its two other courses are as great. The Dye Fore, for one, has all the features of the Teeth, presented rather differently. But just as “to-die-for”.

The Dye Fore course plays for an eye-popping 7, 770 yards from the championship tees, par 72. At that length, only the seasoned pros dare take a shot from those tees. Thankfully, there are other shorter, friendlier tees on the course. But friendlier never meant easier. Here, golfers would have to brave the beautiful, albeit nerve-wracking holes. There are some placed along the cliff, overlooking the beach. Others are on mounds, giving an unaltered, undisturbed river views. And they are not unguarded. Signature Dye bunkering haunt and daunt golfers’ every shot. That alone gives this golf vacation haven that much attitude; and that is something only the breathtaking scenery can complete.

Its being in the Dominican Republic, right in the middle of the sapphire-blue waters of the Caribbean, gives the Casa de Campo a lot of breathtaking views from every angle. And, like in the Teeth course, the Dye Fore made optimum use of this advantage. Every heartbreak from playing this course is only appeased by the views of varying hues – blue, white, green – all glowing under the golden cast of the sun. With a promise as irresistible as this, one simply could not bear the thought of dying before taking a golf trip here.


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