Casa de Campo – Links Course

When the Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic is raised, images of the Teeth of the Dog and the Dye Fore come to mind in an flash. But those who truly know the Casa de Campo know that there are not two but three masterpieces in the famous Caribbean golf vacation destination. The Links Course may not have all the stunning water views of the Teeth and the Dye Fore, but knowing that it is a Dye creation too is enough a promise that it isn’t going to be any different in beauty and play with the other too.

The Links Course completes the triad of 18-hole championship courses at the Casa de Campo. Unlike the Teeth and the Dye Fore, this inland course is created to be a parkland style layout, weaving through the residences, dotted and lined with a variety of tropical vegetation. And, again, unlike its famous, really difficult brothers, this course is the right place to get a most needed breather. Golf vacations are exactly how they should be, where playable and enjoyable are contending to be its middle name. But that does not mean it is too easy to not bite at all.

With an array of mounds and bunkers fashioned in a signature Pete Dye way, golfers should expect some teeth on here. And the levels of elevation vary after every two holes – or it feels that way at least – thereby giving golfers something to think about. But in general this is the happy carousel ride to the roller coasters that are the Teeth and the Dye Fore. After a golf trip to the Casa de Campo and a game at the Links Course, there is something more to look forward to on the return.


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