Casa de Campo – Teeth of the Dog Course

The Caribbean is perhaps the closest thing the Earth has to Paradise. The question of whether it is beautiful or not will prove to be totally useless, if not stupid. But to clearly define and single out which part of the Caribbean is most beautiful is an impossible task. Even more so, finding such a place would be like looking for water in hell. But if there is such a place, the Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic is a good place to start. And its Teeth of the Dog course could well be a contender – it already is a winner in the golf vacations category.

A Pete Dye creation, the Teeth of the Dog course is dubbed the Number 1 course in the Caribbean and ranks in the upper 50 in the world’s top 100. And it has been that way since its opening back in 1971. This golf vacation destination has some of the most picturesque views – with some holes playing directly over the sapphire blue waters surrounding. But it is not just another pretty face; as its name implies, this course is biting. And biting on most every hole that is – from every possible angle: the cliff, around the greens, by the water.

True there are longer courses than the Teeth of the Dog at 6,888 yards, par 71. But because there is so much to take in on this course – getting a good shot, basking in the scenery – it feels a whole lot longer. It’s as if it gives something back for every penny spent on a golf trip here. If this were the only thing on a Caribbean trip itinerary, it would be the most beautiful place on earth hands down!


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