Bobcat Trail Golf Club

Sarasota County’s pride and joy in golf, the Bobcat Trail Golf Club has made Excellence its middle name – never leaving room for anything less than that. Its designer, PGA Tour Champion Bob Tway would not allow. This golf vacation destination is all about the best in Florida’s natural environment, quality customer service, and the skill of a designer only a champion and seasoned pro golfer could deliver.

The Bobcat Trail Golf Club – or more fondly called “The Cat” – measures a little over 6,700 yards from the longest tees, par 71. At some points, golfers may feel like it is tad longer than that. And it is the mental game that extends it. Conquering the course meant thoroughly thinking about club selection, shot technique, and pretty much everything. And just because this is a risk-reward course does not mean every risk option must be taken; the right risks bring in the right rewards. And only the discriminating golfer would take that extra time to figure that out at every hole. But if on that note this course sounds like a most unwanted accomplice to a relaxing golf vacation, then the scenery and services plus amenities will do the talking.

Tway made use of the natural embellishments of the area, filling the course with its helping of native oaks, pines, and tropical vegetation. Florida being Florida, always glowing under its almost perpetual sunshine, it sure is a treat for sore eyes. And the perfect treat for sore, game-embattled golfer’s senses is a trip to the course’s 19th hole. At the Bobcat Trail Golf Club, a golf trip is only known by one other name: HAPPINESS.


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