Stoneybrook Golf Club

This is that one golf course where the low handicap golfers can take their newbie buddies and expect both to have as much fun. The better golfers won’t feel too underrated; the new ones won’t be intimidated either. Stoneybrook Golf Club in Estero, Fl., can do that with its seven sets of tees. Forget the eye popping or the brow raising. This course truly has seven sets of tees on each hole. Designers Jed Azinger and Gordy Lewis have made for this course to be friendly to all golfers. And friendly it is that in fact, this is one of the only 200 courses all across the United States that are certified “beginner-friendly” by the National Golf Course Owners Association. Now, doesn’t that add one or two more friends to take to the most awaited golf trip?

And there is nothing to worry about overcrowding. With a maximum length of 7,353 yards, the Stoneybrook Golf Club is among the longest ones in southwest Florida. And this isn’t just more than seven thousand yards of nothing. The golf vacation destination winds around the most beautiful natural preserves, dotted with indigenous vegetation that include pines, oaks and stately cypresses. On top of that are a good helping of imposing bunkers, rolling mounds, and large undulating greens defined by several crystal-clear lakes. These are all put together in a manner that could only result in what most people call a superb championship golf course.

With the length of Stoneybrook Golf Club, a golf vacation with just one or two friends would prove to be lonely. This is where “the more, the merrier” is at its truest.


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