The Dunes Golf and Tennis Club

The Dunes Golf and Tennis Club in Sanibel Island, Florida is just one among the many. It just makes a small part in the Sunshine State’s long – really long – list of superb golf vacation destinations. But for some reason, this course stands out not only for its features but because it made a name among the top favorites of locals and visitors alike.

It could be the lush tropical views and features. The Dunes Golf and Tennis Club is painted with an Audubon International sanctioned wildlife preserve for background so its being beautiful comes just as naturally. And the unabashed presence of such creatures as alligators, ospreys, herons, and bald eagles makes an outing here even more interesting. It could also be the excellent 5,578 yard-, par 70-layout. Well, not really surprising; a design from PGA Tour champ Mark McCumber would hardly be anything other than superb. He has made sure his layout meshes perfectly with the natural attributes of the area, thereby making this course easily seem like a part of the preserve itself. A natural, so to speak. Or, it could be the impeccable maintenance on the course that draws people to it. Whatever good that the nature-designer collaboration has done to it is meticulously kept at its best form so any time will be a good time for a golf vacation.

It could be the scenery, the layout, or the conditioning – or it could be everything that makes the Dunes Golf and Tennis Club an excellent course. It could be any or all of it that has merited this course the Best of Sanibel Island for ten straight years. Whatever it is, it is what makes it a favorite star in countless golfers’ most memorable golf trips.


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