Green Gables Golf Club

From its name alone, and even from the looks of it, Green Gables Golf Club is literally one golf course straight out of a storybook. This picturesque golf vacation destination is at the same place where Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic tale, Anne of Green Gables was set. But unlike the rolling farmlands in the story, this Green Gables is of rolling oceanside fairways, championship holes, and memorable games of golf everytime. It is a product not of a literary geniuses, but of two legends from separate generations.

Green Gables Golf Club was originally designed by The Stanley Thompson in the late 1930s. He molded the 18-hole par-72 course that stretched over 6,400 yards from the natural terrain. A little more than seven decades later, another legendary golf course architect, Thomas McBroom, did his handiwork in the golf course. To pay homage to the legend that first built it, and to bring out the natural splendor of this side of Prince Edward Island, McBroom only did so much to improve and work on wat Thompson originally made. McBroom stretched the course to 7000 yards and reinstated the old bunkers and expanded the ocean views. But golf trips here are not made of dallying around. Just because it’s beautiful does not necessarily mean golfers can read a novel in between holes.

The golf course’s deep bunkers, deceiving layout of the greens, the strategic positioning of the water holes and the breeze coming in from the ocean all play a role in making rounds at the Green Gables Golf Club as challenging as they are beautiful. And like the story in the book, there is not a dull moment here. Everything is beautiful, everything is fun, and each golf vacation here deserves a storybook of its own.


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