Glasgow Hills Golf Club

The recipe for a good golf vacation destination is simple, but not everyone achieves it all too perfectly. A great location, an excellent designer, and a passion for bringing out the best golf course anyone could possibly experience – what could be so hard in that? Most others have found the ingredients, but not everyone got the right mix of it. Fortunately, though, there are those who have perfected the recipe, and have been bringing the best golfing experience to countless golfers. One perfect example is Prince Edward Island’s Glasgow Hills Golf Club.

Located in New Glasgow, a few minutes from Cavendish, the Glasgow Hills Golf Club features backdrops of the scenic St Lawrence Gulf, the River Clyde, and the picturesque rolling hills of Prince Edward Island. Famous Canadian architect, Les Furber, carved out the layout of this golf vacation hotspot. The course features highly dramatic elevation changes and fast greens that make for a challenging round for golfers of every ability. It has four sets of tees and could stretch from 5,279 yards to 6,915 yards. Since its opening in 2001, it has been hailed as one of Canada’s best, thanks to precise and meticulous conditioning.

Among those who have recognized its supreme quality as a golf course are Golf Digest (which awarded it a four-star rating on Best Places to Play) and Globe and Mail News (List of top 70 Golf Courses in Canada) – they, along with so many other happy golfers who have spent memorable golf trips at the Glasgow Hills Golf Club. And that is the secret ingredient that makes this truly great.



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