Golf Grip Matters

Among the many things that one must consider when playing golf is a good golf grip. Along with the proper stance and swing, this factor also plays an important part in getting your winning shots. If the club is being inappropriately handled, during the hit, the ball can land short or off the target. That is why the placement of your hand on the golf club is vital in achieving powerful golf swings.

Here are some quick tips on how to go about the proper hand placements:

  • In order for you to start with the proper golf grip, you must decide first on which hand to use as the lead hand. The right placement of the lead hand usually determines the club face’s accurate control. During the actual swing, the lead hand controls and guides where the golf club hits the ball. If you are a right-handed golfer, the lead hand would be the left hand and vice versa. If you are using the gloves, make sure that the four dots will match with the placement of the club.
  • The trailing hand follows the leading then. What is common among the golfers is that the dominant hand is the trailing hand. Although it is the leading hand’s role to take the lead and control, the proper positioning of the trailing hand also plays a significant role as it provides power to the swing. To check the proper placement of your trailing hand, the lifeline must always be the thumb of the lead hand.

Aside from the proper hand placements, you must also be acquainted with the common golf grips. Below is the quick list of the basic golf grips for beginners:

  • The Vardon Overlap – has been considered as one of the well-liked club gripping methods these days. This golf grip was made famous by Harry Vardon in the 1900’s.
  • The Interlocking Grip – has been used by golfers who have smaller hands as well as those who find the Vardon Overlap quite awkward and uncomfortable.
  • The Baseball Grip – has been considered by golfers who cannot stand having the first two kinds of golf grips. Those who suffer from arthritis would find this kind of grip quite comfortable.

The key to the successful establishment of proper golf grip is to practice daily. Try to use different combinations until you get a powerful golf grip that will give you accurate shots.


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