How to Drive Away Blocked Shots in Golf

Aggressively swinging the golf clubs is not a bad idea. However, if taken too far, golfers often end up being penalized with bad shots, added strokes, and the dreaded blocked shots. If you want to end the golf round with higher successful swings percentage, then you better curb that aggressiveness and have that perfect swing rhythm and timing.

Here are some pointers that will help you eliminate blocked shots during the game:

  • Always consider having the appropriate body posture. The aggressive swings usually make your lower body race ahead of the upper body part making it tilt away from your desired target. Blocked shots are produced when your upper body is getting too fast. See to it that during an address, your spine is straight, knees are slightly flexed, and that you are not squatting too much. Set the ball forward in order for you to keep that back straight when swinging.
  • Another major contributor to blocked shots is when your head is kept down and straight. Always remember that the lack of head movement can make you lose that forward tilt aimed at the ball. The key here is to slightly turn your head with the shot.
  • Also, you must take note that once you get your club too far inside, you will end up getting hooks. Too often, some golfers would not flip the clubface closed at an impact in order to compensate for the hooks. However, this will cause your arm to be pulled away from the body giving you an opportunity to hold on to the club and the possibility of getting the blocked shots.

In the game of golf, there are really plenty of things that one must consider. If you want to further enhance your golfing skills, then better take time to visit the greens as often as possible. The key to being a successful golfer lies not mainly on the instructions that you are reading but rather on the application of what you have learned. Same holds true in driving away the blocked shots.


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