La Cana Golf Club

The La Cana Golf Club is among Punta Cana Resort’s renowned golf courses that have been attracting all sorts of golfers from across the nation. Designed by the renowned P.B. Dye, this golf layout is set along the awe-inspiring views of the Caribbean. This 7,150-yard world-class beachfront resort layout serves as a true test for golf skills where golfers will have to work on several holes that are directly aimed into the persistent onshore breeze. Being part of a Dye legacy, the course also features the Dye bunkers that will make one think about Scotland while being in the Caribbean.

The layout’s 154-yard 5th hole playing on par-3 can be very challenging especially that it comes in direct contact with the onshore breeze. Golfers must be able to work with the wind to their advantage or else end up with wrong targeted areas. The idea here is to take a knock-down shot on the right at the bunkers in order to mitigate the breeze even a little. The course’s 8th hole can also test every golfer’s skill as it can be visually intimidating where inconsistent shots can keep you whacking all kinds of clubs until making a successful shot. The 7th hole on the other hand boasts about the cluster of the 21 trademarks bunkers and has been popularly known as the “Hecklebirnie” that according to a Scottish lore is a golfer’s purgatory.

The La Cana Golf Club is P.B. Dye’s 1st solo golf masterpiece in the Dominican Republic that has been dubbed as a “must play” when visiting the place. Aside from the challenging holes, magnificent sea views also await both the golf enthusiasts and nature lovers.


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