The Proper Golf Outfit

Just like any other kind of sport, the game of golf would also require players to stick to its own set of rules and regulations and wearing the appropriate attire is among the long list. Aside from making one look good on the greens, it will also make each player comfortable all throughout the round. With the strict observance to the proper dress code, golfers are not permitted to enter the golf course perimeters when not wearing the required outfit. As you have noticed, even the formal players are always properly geared when hitting the greens.

It has been a fact that the game of golf is one of the world’s competitive sports as well as among the most popular recreational activities. If you would want to start a career in golf, better start right by getting the right kind of look that will make you feel that you belong, thus boosting your morale. This will also help you get rid of any uneasiness therefore giving much of your attention towards the game.

Both the men and women have their own set of golf apparels that are considered acceptable inside golf course. For the men, it is required to wear a collared shirt, the right pair of shorts or pants, plain socks, and a decent pair of golf shoes. For the women golfers, a collared shirt and Capri pants can work with the socks and golf shoes. Skirts are also acceptable for as long as it does not exceed the maximum 5 inches above the knee requirement. For protection against the heat of the sun, a visor will do.

Sometimes, the outfit requirements may vary from one course to another and depending on the competition’s demand. But in one way or another they are almost similar except for minor specifications like the right kind of shoe spikes. Now that you already know the appropriate golfing attire, start enhancing those swinging skills. Remember, in choosing your golf apparel; make sure that it is not too loose or too tight as it can affect your performance.


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