How to Attain Tension-Free Golf Drives

It is every golfers dream to strike an ace, swing for a birdie, or lower the scores while on play. All these things can only be achieved once you are already consistent with your golf drives or once luck hits you. But nonetheless, you can still work on with winning drives. Among the many factors that influence your drives are the tensions in your body. Aside from draining your body of its energy, it will also rob you of distance as bargaining for long and accurate driving can become very strenuous.

Dealing with tension on the greens has been a long issue for both the professional and amateur golfers. Here are some quick guidelines on how to stay relaxed on the golf course and come up with better and successful swings:

First, try to have a hard grip on the club while warming-up on the driving range. Try any combinations using your fingers and compare the pressure for each. Then you can now find a suitable grip pressure that you are comfortable with. Once the correct pressure is already established, use that exact grip from start to finish.

Second, apply the correct grip pressure when practicing. As much as possible, take some time off to polish your grips until you get the perfect one. Once you are already accustomed to it, you are no longer bothered by numerous swing thoughts that piles up with your tension. This will now make you become aware with your body mechanics.

And lastly, consider taking the Four-Finger Drill. This happens when you try to make swings using both hands’ last three fingers. Not only that it will diminish tension but also allows you to swing freely.

When you consider these simple guidelines as you go on with your golf rounds, you will surely improve on your tempo and timing in the long run.



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