Quick Points on Becoming a Better Golfer

Here are some points to consider on how to become successful on the greens:

Point #1: Selecting the Right Golf Club

Choosing a suitable golf club for a certain hit can offer higher chances of performing successful swings and better approach shots. That is why it is very important to acquire the right set of golf clubs that can carry out your own unique style.

Point #2: Make Proper Alignments

Making the proper alignment is usually a common mistake especially for the amateurs. The best way to do this is to assess the target at the rear of the golf ball and not align almost everything at the target. Make sure that the club face is behind the golf ball and already aligned directly towards the target. Then it is now time to work on with the body mechanics.

Point #3: Come Up With a Good Grip

The Masters basically have the solid grip. Start with the basics. With your gloved hand, hold the golf club. Give emphasis on the handle’s placement between the palm and the first knuckle. Then comfortably wrap your ungloved hand around the handle. The index fingers and thumb must outline two V’s and must be pointed just about the right portion of your right shoulder or chest. This can be a good start.

Point #4: Have a Consistent Stance

Others believe that stances will depend on the kind of club that will be used. This is definitely not true. As much as possible, maintain your stances when making full shots. This is vital in developing your skills as a ball striker.

Point #5: Try to Play with the Wind

Wise golfers do not get intimidated with the wind. Instead, they play with it. Think of means on how the blowing wind will work for your shots. Clashing with the wind will never work no matter how ready you are to take the shot.

Point #6: Orient Yourselves with the Bunker Shots

Among the golfer’s biggest fears, especially the beginners, is the sand shot. Once you are already familiar with the fundamentals of golf, getting good bunker shot is not that difficult to take.

Point #7: Set the Right Speed

Whether you are aiming for an ace or birdie, always consider how the golf ball will actually hit the hole. Speed plays an important role.

These tips are simple to follow. Include them in your daily golf routine and eventually you will become a better golfer in the long run.


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