Getting Out Of the Sand Traps

Having the golf ball stuck in the sand is probably one of the biggest struggles that every golfer bumps into while on play. While some professionals won’t mind striking out of bunkers, majority of the golfers especially the beginners get frustrated and anxious when golf balls hit the intimidating sand traps.

Here are some quick tips on how to deal with bunkers and the daunting sand traps.

  • Use your imagination. Try to picture out getting the sand ahead of the ball and behind the ball all the way to the greens. This will help you visualize the trajectory needed for the shot.
  • Loosen those knees while hunkering down throughout the shot.
  • From your usual pitching stance, shift your front foot 2 inches backwards.
  • Bunker shots would usually require a three quarter swing.
  • Consider an inch-deep divot when playing in a bunker.
  • For the majority of the bunker shots, use the wedge. You can also try out the other wedges once you are already familiar in using the traditional sand wedge while on bunkers.
  • Swing the club towards the target area of your golf ball.
  • Try to maintain your normal grip in doing all the shots. Most of the players tend to clutch the golf club too firmly especially when making shots in the sand.
  • Keep away from digging your feet on the sand. Taking the bunker shots will be more difficult.
  • Practice this kind of shot as often as possible. You will later find out that the sand traps are not that difficult to deal with.

According to a PGA professional, “If the sand were spray painted green, everyone would be fine.” Mostly, golfers get intimidated with the bunker’s depth as well as the color and texture of the sand. So why not take the sand trap as one of the green areas. In such way, you can get those balls off the sand traps the uncomplicated way.


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