La Costa Golf – Champions Course

If there is one thing that La Costa Golf – Champions Course is ultimately known for, it’s that it is purely challenge and technique, making it appear indifferent to gimmicks. This golf vacation spot does not necessarily abhor theatrics, but it is more faithful to a layout that would bring out the best of a player’s ability. In this course, the classic landscape wins. Native grasses, tee boxes, landscaping bridges, fairways and greens, wetlands, rerouted paths, and contour and gradation raise the experience and enhance the technical side of the game.

But La Costa Golf – Champions Course was slightly less awesome before its facelift in 2011. After the $10 million renovation, this place easily became a famous golf vacation destination spot featuring a more robust looking course where tees are at length, turf are reduced and holes are reshaped and contoured. Aside from the design, the course also experienced an improvement in its drainage irrigation and conditioning system. The course can already take a bit of rain without diminishing productivity.

Newly installed accommodation golf vacation packages also abound in La Costa Golf – Champions Course with expanded gyms and better looking events center. That only compliments to the new set of 4,200 yards “Family Tees”, where kids and adults can have the best golf experience. Clinics are also present for parents and children to learn together, while camps await summer to offer lessons for ages 6-14 years olds and other interested guests. In effect, this course has turned into a family friendly location causing golf resort reviewers to declare it as the “course of the future!”


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