Tiburon Golf Club – Gold Course

Tiburon Golf Club is known throughout the Florida golfing scene as amongst those that give the best quality golf experiences in the state. This gem of a golf vacation destination in Naples isn’t simply “just one of the many”. Its pair of 18-hole championship courses, not to mention best caliber services and amenities, make it a standout no matter how stiff the competition. One of its courses, the Gold Course, could very well tell its own story.

Both courses on the Tiburon are Greg Norman designs, the Gold Course being the longer one at 7,217 yards, par 72, in comparison with its sibling Black Course. Both the courses are not located beach front, but Norman created them links style in a rather convincing fashion that it feels as if the ocean is but a stone’s throw away. The Gold Course features a lot of water – on thirteen holes to be exact, with more than 50 well placed coquina shell-lined bunkers to compliment them. While it shares this same feature with the Black Course, the former was made with wider fairways and more generous landing areas making it the easier, more player-friendly course of the two. This makes golf vacations here more appealing for more golfers, a more open prospect for the lower-skilled players.

But golf trips isn’t all there is to the Gold Course. This would not be a championship course without creating real champions. And it does, December of each year, at the Merrill Lynch Shootout or more fondly called the Shark Shootout. Looking at this course alone, it is easy to understand why the Tiburon Golf Club is a favorite choice when Florida presents golfers with a thousand other options.


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